Chase K

Hey, my name is Chase - welcome to my site! From here, you can listen to some of my tunes, read this cool bio, or link to wherever else I am on the internet.

If you're here, you probably know who I am - a songwriter, a teacher, a podcaster, and a citizen of Disneyland (my second home). I make music because I love to share it with people. Whether that's on my own albums, on soundtracks, or songs I write for other folks - my main concern is how the listener feels. I hope that you can feel some of the joy that I feel every time I write a great tune. 


I also host the iTunes-featured podcast CreateCast, the show about people who make good. CreateCast features interviews with amazing individuals like chef Ludo Lefebvre (from ABC's The Taste), award-winning poet David St. John, and Mega Ran (world-touring nerdcore/hip hop artist). Honestly, I just use the show as an excuse to talk to cool people. 


I'm a member of Spitfire Music, and I'm also proud to work with 3rd Power Amplification, PRS Guitars, and Get'm Get'm

All photos on this site were shot and edited by one of the coolest dudes ever, Kevin Estrada